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Professional Gifting 
For Talent Retention and Acquisition

The Problem

The Great Resignation is likely to affect companies that may not realize or adequately address staff needs for feeling valued, nurtured, or

simply, appreciated.

Clapping Audience






Presenting an Award


The Solution

While branded merchandise is typically a function of marketing, recent developments show human resource departments not only playing a significant role in recruiting, but in developing talent retention programs that directly impact a company's health and bottom line.

Programs for on-the-job comfort, daily feel good items, onboarding gifts,

and recognition, are not only trending but necessary

The Method

We pay particular attention to the end recipient of the gift or award.

Demographics all come into play for the most appropriate memorable gift that has ultimate usability and longevity.

Our Promise

When you work with iBrand you are tapping into decades of expertise in strategic branding with our network of international sales and marketing executives. 

We represent best in class product branding and make you look like a Pro.

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